Is Egg Freezing Right For You?

Freeze’s “Eggspert” Answers series provides women answers to common, important questions they have when considering to freeze their eggs - answered by world-renowned medical experts. This post is answered by Freeze and Dr. Samantha Yee, Registered Social Worker and Director of the Psychosocial Research Program at CReATe Fertility Centre in Toronto.

Many of us have heard about egg freezing from the media, celebrities, and our friends and families (hands up if your parents have brought it up to you at a recent holiday gathering…). Celebrity gossip sites and well-intentioned friends, however, usually aren’t qualified to guide us through this major medical decision.

Enter: the FrzMyEggs app.


FrzMyEggs is a free decision aid tool for women who are interested in freezing their eggs for personal or medical reasons. Using the app you’ll learn about the science and unbiased truths of egg freezing, calculate your predicted egg freezing success rate, and walk step-by-step through the actual procedure.

FrzMyEggs’ team of physicians and scientific researchers (who work at one of Toronto’s leading fertility clinics) have studied everything there is to know about egg freezing, and have years of medical experience freezing eggs. As experts, they’ve ensured that the app offers only the most reliable, evidence-based information, and that it addresses the most important aspects of the process.

App Features

The app is equipped with two interactive tools - a Calculator and a Decision Aid - that are designed to assist women in making an educated decision about egg freezing based on their unique circumstances.

  1. The Calculator gives you an estimated range of how many eggs you might be able to produce in a single egg freezing cycle, based on your unique profile. The calculator also recommends how many eggs you should freeze in order to give you the best chance of having at least one child from those eggs.

  2. The Decision Aid has two parts – a five-question quiz that tests your knowledge on egg freezing, and a 13-item questionnaire that analyzes whether you should lean towards or away from egg freezing, and what’s behind that conclusion. 

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Where to Download

Download the FrzMyEggs app for free from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Unlike many other medical apps, no login or registration is required, and there are no advertisements in the app! You can also check out their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more info.

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The FrzMyEggs app project was led by Samantha Yee, PhD, MSW, RSW, who is a psychosocial researcher at the CReATe Fertility Centre (Toronto, Canada). She got the idea of developing an egg freezing decision aid app from her doctoral thesis that examined the factors associated with the receipt of fertility preservation services in young female cancer patients.

The app was developed by the CReATe Research Program through a patient educational grant from EMD Serono, a business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

CReATe Fertility Centre is a sponsor of this post.