Why We Launched Freeze

Hey there!

We're Jenny and Sidonia - Miami-based mid-twenty year old best friends who like to rollerblade, spend weekends on the beach, go for drinks with our friends, and travel the world. We also happen to work in the intersection of health and technology.


In the last few years, between work-related conferences and the media, we’d been hearing a ton about the advances and popularity of egg freezing. We started to research the technology and our own options for the procedure - and soon discovered that it's extremely confusing. Even for us, who have been working in healthcare for years and consider ourselves pretty damn good problem solvers, it was crazy hard to find straightforward answers to basic questions like: What happens if I wait a year, five years, or ten years to freeze - vs. freezing now? Is there a benefit to freezing sooner? Will my insurance cover anything? Exactly how much will this whole thing cost me? Where can I go to talk to a doctor about this - even if I’m not sure if I want to do it - and how much will that cost me?

Since we (with the huge help of Lucy Grossman and Fiona McDarrah...thank you ladies!) spent a combined hundreds of hours researching these questions and more, we realized there were probably other women out there just like us who just wanted simple, accurate information about options and next steps for freezing their eggs. We decided to share this valuable information with fellow “sister-girls” who are interested in exploring egg freezing as an option - we decided to launch Freeze.

The mission of Freeze is to make researching and selecting an egg freezing clinic as simple and easy as it can be. And it’s not just a problem for women - fertility and egg freezing clinics across the country spend hours a day explaining the entire process to women and “counseling” them on their financial options, while also trying to bring more women in the door. Just as we want to help women have a better egg freezing experience, we want to help fertility clinics become better connected and meet the expectations of millennial women like us. We want clinics to be able to talk to potential patients who are more informed about the process and their options - so clinics can spend less of their time explaining the basics, and more of their time treating patients. (If you’re from a fertility clinic, learn how you can benefit from the launch of Freeze and connect with millennial women looking to freeze their eggs.)

We’re starting by launching the first and only pricing database for egg freezing. For ourselves, we spent literally dozens of hours - each - calling clinics in multiple cities (because who would think to put the price in a visible place online?). We also found that there are often all sorts of hidden fees - like anesthesia costing extra (like you’d want a needle poking around your ovaries with no anesthesia?) - which makes it pretty hard to get all the information you need to make an informed decision. We'd rather save our fellow females from having to waste the time that we did - or our hard earned dolla bills - if they don’t want to.

We’re hyped because next up, we will be adding reviews from women who have freeze-d (OK it should be “frozen” but we are suckers for some good puns). So if you have frozen your eggs before - first of all, you’re a badass, congrats - but second, we encourage you to help other women decide on which clinic to choose by writing a review for your doctor and your clinic. The next generation of women to go on this journey thank you… a TON.

We hope you learn lots, save some time and money, and share the information you find here. Freeze is a resource built by women just like you, for women just like you - so if you have suggestions, contributions or want to learn more, please connect with us at hello@freeze.health and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Oh, and in case you were curious, we did both decide to freeze, and both found clinics that we LOVE - but that’s the subject of another post. 😇 Until then...

- Jenny & Sidonia