Fertility Check

$149 (Normally $199) 

Your Fertility is Personal

While there are averages, you deserve information that is custom to YOU!

Want to know how fast your biological clock is ticking?!
📊Want to plan when to have kids based on your personalized data?
👩🏼‍💻Considering freezing your eggs and want to know how many you might get?


Inexpensive | Personalize | Convenient

Freeze has partnered with fertility testing company Egg-Q to offer a blood test, personalized questionnaire, and consult with a fertility specialist. A fertility check is an inexpensive, valuable first step to give you personalized info about your biological clock and your ovarian reserve - or how many eggs you have left in your ovaries.

✔️ IMPORTANT: This test is for your ovarian reserve ONLY. It tests the hormone (Anti-Müllerian Hormone, or AMH) that tells how “full” your ovaries are with eggs. It’s designed for women who want to know how much time they have left before their ability to have biological children runs out. It’s also for women who are considering freezing their eggs, and want to know how well they would do (how many eggs they might get).

🚫 This test does NOT test all aspects of your fertility - like your ability to get pregnant today. Many more factors, including some that can’t even be tested for in a blood test, combine to determine your likelihood of getting pregnant at any given time.

Scheduling Your Fertility Check

Questions About the Fertility Check Process? Check out the FAQ or contact with a representative at contact@eggq.com

The fertility check must be purchased only from Egg-Q for this promotion to be valid. Upon purchase, you will then be prompted to fill out a questionnaire and enter your discount code.Your purchase includes a blood test for AMH and a consultation with one of our fertility experts via phone, facetime or in person - you decide! Congratulations on taking this step to take control of your health and future fertility.

Experiencing? Email us at help@freeze.health