Press Inquiry?

At Freeze, we are all about transparency - our mission is to provide women with transparency on all aspects of the egg freezing process. This starts with us. We realize that egg freezing - especially elective egg freezing for women in their 20s and 30s - is a hot topic that a lot of people are talking about today. To that end, our co-founders are happy to make themselves available for interview requests and other inquiries that will get truthful, transparent information about egg freezing available to as many women as possible.

For more on us, check out the Freeze Blog and the About Us page. Not only have our founders made it their mission to bring transparency to the process of egg freezing, they've also personally had their eggs frozen (at the ages of 25 and 26, respectively). They are happy to chat with qualified press about Freeze as a project, and about their own personal experiences freezing their eggs.

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